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 Vanquishing Motivator

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PostSubject: Vanquishing Motivator   Tue Mar 11, 2008 5:24 am

This build is very effective for party wide heals, seemingly like having a well armored monk.

(Highlight this code with your mouse, CTRL C, and use CTRL V in the template code area in your K menu.)


-Mighty Throw is an adrenaline attack skill, allowing all attacks to cost No energy.
-"There's Nothing To Fear" is good for party wide Damage reduction, I recommend using this skill first, and as often as possible
-Song Of Restoration*Elite skill* will return health to all affected party members following any action. (attacking, spell casting)
-Ballad Of Restoration will return health the next time affected party member takes damage
-Aria Of Restoration will return health to any affected party member that casts a spell
-Finale Of Restoration is a very useful heal skill. As an echo, it will return health to the affected ally for each shout or chant that ends. This echo heals exponentially in a party that uses lots of shout or chants
-Signet of Synergy will heal target ally as well as the user as long as the user is not affected by an enchantment
-any Resurrection skill or spell depending on your area.

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Vanquishing Motivator
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