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 Things to consider when rolling a Paragon

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PostSubject: Things to consider when rolling a Paragon   Tue Mar 11, 2008 5:22 am

Perhaps one of the most Team oriented character classes to date, with skills focused to affect party member* and allies**. It is no misfortune that the Paragon's have essentially no means to solo any areas, it is instead inside group combat that they find their place. Here is a simple breakdown of their skill types:

---->Shouts- cast instantly and are virtually uninterruptable.
---->Chants- do have a cast time, can be interrupted, are a majority of health and energy renewing skills.
---->Echoes- these skill types are both limited in time and renewable. The more the shouts or chants, the more often the echo (affect) renews.

Command Paragons: Consider this Paragon the lead attacker and the one to call targets, as these skills intensify the attack Damage and rate, while providing excellent defensive qualities and speed boosts. This attribute consists mostly of shouts

Motivator Paragons: These Paragons are skilled in returning health and energy by simply having the ally use a skill or spell. It is essentially an offensive monk-type roll. This attribute consists mostly of chants.

Spear Master Paragons: While it is easy to setup a skill bar for Damage dealing, it is often more beneficial to consider not just the damage that your paragon will do, but what Damage can be done as a group. I do recommend that these Paragons use Command shouts for energy management and attack increase. Inflicting conditions is a good way to insure victory, and this attribute is not without interrupts.

Leadership Paragons: For every full 2 ranks in Leadership plus the total number of allies affected by shout or chants, half that amount is returned . For instance, 12 ranks in Leadership will allow a +6 energy return, assuming more than 5 allies are affected. If the chant or echo were to cost 5 energy, then already there would be a +1 energy benefit. Some shouts and chants are adrenaline activated, allowing for a full profit of energy.
*Party members are those easily viewed via the party menu in towns and explorable areas.
**Allies can be anyone that isn't a may be safe to assume that allies are any NPC or player that shows as a green dot on radar and when manually selected.

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Things to consider when rolling a Paragon
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