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 Fire Slinger

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PostSubject: Fire Slinger   Tue Mar 11, 2008 5:13 am

Ok, this build does really well in any situation really. Be prepared to be made fun of when you use it, but watch their eyes open wide once you unleash all hell on the foes!


Greater Conflagration (known as G.C. in game terms)
Dual Shot
Needling Shot
Distract Shot ( or use Savage, whatever you like)
Kindle Arrows
Conjure Flame
Storm Chaser
Troll Urgent

-Attribute Point setup-

Fire Magic 9
Marksmanship 14
Expertise 8
Wilderness Survival 11


Drakeskale or Pyrebound
Archer's Mask


Superior Rune of Marksmanship--(in mask)
Superior Vigor------------------------(or other vigor rune, in chest)
Minor Expertise----------------------(leggings)
Minor Wilderness Survival---------(boots)


Any bow type with:

Fiery Bow string and bow grip of enchant 20%

*note- Any bow will work with Conjure Flame as long as Kindel Arrows is applied, when kindel wears off, you lose the extra dmg from Conjure Flame as your bow is no longer applying fire dmg.

( I find Tarnok's Recurve Bow to be the best. Wink )


Summon G.C. , Kindel, then Conjure. Use dual shot as opener and use when possible, mixing in Needling, Distract when needed. use Storm chaser when low on energy or you need to make a quik getaway. Once foe falls below 50% hp, spam Needling shot, and watch the foe burn to a nice crispy strip.

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Fire Slinger
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