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 More detailed character creation

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PostSubject: More detailed character creation   Tue Mar 11, 2008 7:27 am

When it comes to character creation I would much rather have hundreds of minute details to make your character origonal. What I hate most about online games is making a character and spending a lot of time on it only to discover there's at least 100 people that look identical. A few ideas:

More Colours, hair and skin

Why can only Elementalists and Necromancers have bright green or blue hair? Equal opportunities please Hm.. I don't know about skin colours, blue skin ftl?


Ok think of... the Sims 2. Finely chiselling faces is imo pretty fun.

Though having many small details to chose from can be vitally important for diversifying game-play, others may think it annoyingly time-consuming. And yes I know this cannot be implemented in Guild Wars at this time... but a thought for Guild Wars 2? Ideas and opinions are welcome, but no flames please, had enough of those on the old forums...

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More detailed character creation
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