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 Glyph Healer

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PostSubject: Glyph Healer   Tue Mar 11, 2008 5:32 am

Profession: Mo/E
Name: The Glyph Healer
Type: PvE
Category: Pure Healer

The Attributes:
16 Healing Prayers: 12 + 3 (superior) +1 (helm)
13 Divine Favor: 12 + 1 (minor)
4 Smite: 3 + 1 (minor)
1 Protection: 0 + 1 (minor)
[or 4 protection and 1 smite - see below for explanation]

The Skills:
Rebirth (protection)
Healing Seed - (healing prayers)
Dwaynas Kiss - (healing prayers)
Orison of Healing - (healing prayers)
Word of Healing - (healing prayers) {Elite}
Glyph of Lesser Energy - (none)
Heal Party - (healing prayers)
Smite Hex OR Mend Aliment* - (smiting) or (protection)

*If you need to put a cap-sig in my 8 then drop smite hex/mend aliment.

The Summary:
The build concentrates on multiple low cost heals thus maximizing the high divine favor with Word of Healing providing the large spike heal where needed. This doubles up as a form of energy management - why put ~9 points into blood/inspiration and heal for less!
Usage is fairly straight forward, Seed the person taking damage (hopefully a warrior) and heal damage when the person is on ~75% health, using Kiss on those that are hexed and/or enchanted. If they slip below 50% then use Word and if 2 or more people need healing then use the Glyph + Heal Party combo. This combo will help with your energy management so use it whenever glyph is available (every 30 seconds). So if your glyph has recharged or is about to be recharged then itís fairly safe to skip a heal or two and let a few characters slip down to 60-90% health then use the combo and then follow up with OoH or Kiss to top those that need an extra heal. Remove hexes / conditions as needed. Other secondary professions offer energy management skills that may net slightly more energy over time but this setup provides you with higher healing and keeps your elite slot free.

The Choices Explained:
Rebirth (10 energy cost / 6 casting time / 0 recharge time**) - The debate over which is "best" will never be settled. My theory is that if people start dieing then the monk should RUN away, and rebirth gives you the best chance to res a party member out from a group of monsters. On a side note here, it's a good idea to make sure at least one NONE monk takes a res SIG to be able to res any fallen monk ASAP. **The only downside to rebirth is that once it has cast, it will reduce the caster to zero energy.

Healing Seed (10e / 2c / 25r) - In any organized party the warriors (it's pretty safe to assume a 6 or 8 man party will have 2 warriors) will take the initial aggro and damage. So as soon as a warrior starts taking damage, cast a HS on him. That HS will keep him and any other warriors near him alive (hopefully the warriors will be attacking the same target). HS is also an enchantment, so if he needs more healing, then Dwaynas Kiss will do extra healing on anyone with a HS cast on them.

Dwaynas Kiss (5e / 1c / 3r) - DK will do extra healing on anyone with hexes or enchantments on them, so bear this in mind when deciding whether to cast a DK or an Orison of Healing on someone. DK therefore makes an excellent secondary anti-hex healing spell.

Orison of Healing (5e / 1c / 2r) - Quick, cheap fast casting and very importantly it is a spell that you can cast on yourself.

Word of Healing {Elite} (5e / 0.75c / 4r) Ė Since a recent update fixed WoH it is capable of healing for huge amount on a party member with less than 50% health. It makes a superb lifesaving spell and is also very useful to cast on someone who has just been resurrected.

Glyph of Lesser Energy (5e / 1c / 30r) - Best used in conjunction with Heal Party, but can be used before a HS. GoLE means that you can cast a Heal Party for 5e instead of 15. It recharges in 30 seconds, so over the course of a long battle you may get 4 or 5 casts from it. As part of the energy management strategy it requires zero attribute points. Another variation that a guild-mate uses is to bring the elite Glyph of Energy which has a recharge of 15 seconds and substitute WoH with a non elite healing spell.

Heal Party (15e / 2c / 0r) - Heal Party is an excellent spell to counter AoE damage given to your team as well as being an excellent shortcut. Why cast 4 5e healing spells to heal 4 different party members when for 5e (using GoLE) you can heal all your party? One thing to note is that the GoLE+HP combo takes 3 seconds to cast, so in emergencies you may be better forgoing the glyph and saving what may be a vital second casting at the cost of 10e.

Lastly if you aren't going to need a cap-sig, then you need to decide which of the two choices you are going to take, depending on whether you think hexes or conditions are going to be more of an issue. My preference is Smite Hex (as a monk I can live with being crippled but I can't live with being backfired!). Some areas of the game are very heavy in terms of conditions - the Crystal Desert springs to mind, whereas other areas are very hex heavy. Anywhere post ascension I always take hex removal as towards the end game the hexes do get worse, but the conditions generally don't. As I am taking hex removal I will suggest that some other party member takes condition removal. A secondary monk should be able to squeeze it in somewhere if there isnít another primary monk. Obviously if you decide to take SH then put your attributes to 4 smite and 1 protection, and if you decided to take MA then put 4 in protection and 1 smite. Of course you can treat this as a free slot and opt for something completely different if hex and condition removal is covered elsewhere.

Smite Hex (5e / 1c / 15r) - Removes a hex and deals damage to those near the person the hex was removed from. So quite a nice dual use spell to use on that warrior surrounded by monsters. It has a 15 second recharge time, so I tend to use it ASAP so it can start recharging. However against Mesmer and Necro monsters it's wise to wait until someone is suffering from a dangerous (and usually elite) hex before deciding to cast it.

Mend Aliment (5e / 0.75c / 2r) - Taken instead of Mend Condition simply so it can also be cast on me. Very fast cast and recharge so it's very effective at removing the conditions from the whole party in a matter of seconds. MA can also heal for much more than Mend Condition as MA heals for 22 (with 4 in protection) for each remaining condition, whereas Mend Condition heals for just 22 per cast. In parties with 2 monks I suggest that the protector (or the monk with the highest protection attribute) takes MA, whilst the healer takes SH.

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Glyph Healer
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